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The Screen Shield™ Pro Upgrade Kit

It's time for a new kind of upgrade.

You've upgraded your controllers, your keyboards, your monitors, your computers, and your chairs, but what about your eyes? Screen Shield Pro is an eye vitamin formulated with natural ingredients that will improve your performance and protect against screen-time strain. One a day leads to better play-satisfaction guaranteed.

Built for World-Class Athletes.

Screen Shield Pro is make for champs. Thats why some of the top names in esports trust EyePromise.

Take your first Screen Score Assessment and then another in three months to see how one vitamin a day can change your game too!

Ready to change your game? Get your Upgrade Kit, for just $89.99, and see how your game improves.

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Ready to do your eyes a favor? You'll get the Screen Shield Pro Upgrade Kit, a three-month supply of vitamins, for just $89.99. Take our Screen Score Assessment now to set your own personal benchmark. Then, in three months, you’ll see how the vitamins have increased your Screen Score. Ready to level up?

Packed with nutrients.

Screen Shield Pro contains all natural zeaxanthin and lutein, nutrients that help protect the eyes from harmful blue light. These nutrients are lacking in most diets, so it takes time—typically three months—to experience better vision, better performance and an advantage over the competition. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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Research demonstrates that zeaxanthin and lutein can improve visual performance and reaction time.

Dr. Graham Erickson,

Pro Sports Optometrist & Author of Sports Vision

Pro tip:

While we keep things natural, other vitamins cut corners and use cheap, synthetic nutrients. If you see ‘meso’ or ‘isomers’ on the label, it's the cheaper, synthetic stuff.

Natural ingredients. Effective results.

Increase your speed.

Delayed reaction time can really hurt your game. We use high-quality, natural ingredients that help you process and play faster.

Eliminate distractions.

Irritation from long hours of screen time can slow you down. Our formula keeps eyes hydrated, because hydrated eyes mean longer game time.

Protect your eyes.

Blue light and bright screens can cause serious strain now, and dry eye problems down the road. Our vitamins reduce sensitivity and build long-term protection.

Boost performance, naturally.

We don't trust synthetic ingredients, and you shouldn't either. Our vitamins are always made with ingredients that come from real, healthy foods, like paprika peppers.




Used by athletes, optimized for gamers.

Our athlete-approved formula is now the natural choice of both professional and collegiate gamers and their coaches. Designed with screen time in mind, it’s perfect for both gamers and their fans.

Not all certifications are created equal.

Pro athletes really pay attention to what they put in their body, so they look for NSF Certified for Sport—the gold standard of athletic certifications. We’ve held our certification for seven years. It proves that our nutrients and ingredients have passed rigorous testing and are completely safe for athletes.

I don't know how I'd go back to playing without it.

Tommy La Stella,

Professional Baseball Player

Screen Score

Pre- and Post- Assessments

The Screen Shield™ Pro Upgrade Kit

Take advantage of exclusive launch pricing.

Get your Upgrade Kit, including a three-month supply of Screen Shield Pro, for just $89.99.